100Best Merchant Accounts Relaunch and Redesign

100Best-Merchant-Accounts.com has just relaunched our newly redesigned website. With the recent changes made by Google in their Google Panda update we decided that now would be a good time to rework the website and make it more search engine, but also more user, friendly. 100Best Merchant Accounts provides a lot of great information to help business owners gather information about some of the best merchant account providers to help determine which merchant services will work the best for his/her individual business. As business owners, the founders of 100Best Merchant Accounts understands how time consuming and frustrating it can be to try and find a merchant account provider that has all the features and services needed for each business venture. After many years of experience and research it was decided that having a one-stop place business owners could go to get unbiased information and reviews would be a very useful thing. Thus, the 100Best Merchant Accounts website was created.

In the redesign, visitors will find new category headings, newly arranged merchant service articles, merchant account comparisons, and merchant account reviews. For webmasters that are simply looking for a comparison of some of the most popular merchant services, visit the Merchant Account Comparisons page. Popular articles here include our Google Checkout vs PayPal comparison and our ProPay vs PayPal comparison. Watch for future comparisons as we continue to expand our website and add even more merchant account comparisons. For business owners that need more information about accepting credit cards and the credit card equipment required, our credit card equipment category has information about virtual terminals, wireless credit card machines, and much more.

As you know, there is much more to a business than just merchant account services. That is why we have also included a Merchant Related category that includes information about ecommerce web hosting, shopping cart software, small business loans, and other useful information that business owners need to know to get his/her new business venture off the ground. No matter what type of merchant account information one is looking for, we have it covered. If you just don’t understand what a merchant account is or how merchant accounts work, or if you need more information about high risk merchant accounts, 100Best Merchant Accounts provides details to help you make educated decisions about the best merchant service is for your business.

If you are a merchant account provider and we don’t have a review of your company on our website, please visit the Get Listed page for details about how you can submit your company for review. We do only review the best merchant account providers that offer valuable services to business owners. If your business is a reputable, honest business that provides services that are useful to business owners, we would love to hear from you. Take a minute to check out the redesign and share your thoughts with us about what you like and what we can add to better answer your questions about merchant services.

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