SSL Security the Best Security Technology

Use SSL security for the best security technology for any business website. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a type of security technology that allows for secure transmission of data over an unsecured network such as the Internet. Any website that is involved in transmitting or collecting personal data needs an SSL certificate to protect sensitive information. In this SSL Security the Best Security Technology post we will discuss what SSL security is and why security technology is so important.

A recent article about SSL security technology gives a great overview of what a secure sockets layer is and how it works, as well as the step by step process of what happens during SSL encryption. The entire process involves many steps but just the basics are pretty simple. When someone visits a site that has shopping cart software or other means of collecting sensitive information such as a credit card number or social security code, the browser your customer is using will request the SSL certificate from your website to verify that you are who your site says you are and that it is safe to do business with you. If your business website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, a warning will be displayed to your potential customer warning them that it may not be safe to do business with you.

If you have an SSL certificate, once verified, the user will proceed to your site trusting it is secure. The rest of the process goes on behind the scenes when the actual data is being transmitted. This process involves SSL encryption, compare 128 bit vs. 256 bit encryption. SSL encryption is basically taking a string of data and putting it into a code that doesn’t make any sense to a third-part that intercepts the transmission. At the end of the transmission there will be an encryption key that decodes the information so that it can be used. It is kind of like the secret codes you make in elementary school so that if your teacher or enemy intercepts a note you write to your friend, it won’t make any sense to them. But when your friend gets the note, they know the code so they can decode it and understand everything it says!

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