Gift Card Programs for Merchant Accounts

There are a number of benefits and incentives for using gift cards, because merchants are aware of this they have started offering gift cards as well. We recently posted a new article on our site titled “Gift Card Programs” detailing how gift card programs work and why they are beneficial to both the user and the retailer. Read our article for more information and details.

In this post we will talk a little more about the benefits to merchant accounts providers for making gift cards available for their services and also for them to allow gift cards to be accepted as part of their merchant account system. First, why would a merchant account provider consider issuing a gift card for a product or service that they provide? Well this would provide current clients the opportunity to share or give the gift of their merchant account products or services to a friend or associate that they feel could benefit from their services.

This not only brings more business directly to the merchant, but chances are if someone is given a gift card for their services they will eventually spend more than the amount of the original gift card. This is bringing them more business now and in the future. It is also bringing about brand awareness for their company. If someone receives a gift card for a particular merchant account provider they will most likely start asking around about the company – further spreading the word that this may be a company worth taking a look at.

Second, a merchant account provider that allows clients to accept gift cards can be beneficial all around. Being able to accept say, a Visa gift card just like you accept Visa cards, will help draw more business to the client using the merchant account products as well as provide the consumer with more places that they can use their Visa gift card. The more places that accept gift cards, the better it becomes for everyone in the loop: issuer, retailer, and consumer.

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