Merchant Warehouse Special Offer – $1000 Free Fees

Merchant Warehouse just announced an October special offer, every week in October Merchant Warehouse will select one new merchant who will win $1,000 in free fees! What this means to your business is that for a 12 month period all your merchant processing fees will be waived, up to the $1,000 limit. These fees include things like:

  • Regularly assessed transaction fees and charges
  • Statement fees
  • Batch fees
  • Monthly minimum charges
  • Gateway, wireless, or other similar fees related to processing credit or debit cards
  • PCI fees

The only things that you can’t use your winnings for are equipment or software purchases and chargeback fees or other fines. The sweepstakes will run in batches. One winner will be selected from entrants between  October 1st and 10th, the second winner comes from those that enter between October 11th-17th, the third winner comes from the period between October 18th and 24th, and the fourth and final winner will be chosen from those entries that fall between October 25th and 31st. This is unique because each winner will come from a pool of entries in a short period of time. Sign  up today and you will be entered in the first batch, before the word about this Merchant Warehouse special offer spreads too far and wide.

Check out our Merchant Warehouse review to see a list of some of the best merchant account features that they offer. Since they first started out in the merchant account business in 1998, Merchant Warehouse has established themselves as the industry leader, setting the standard for price, customer service, ethics, and integrity. Just looking at how many other merchant account providers have come and gone over the past 10 plus years on the Internet shows how stable and secure the Merchant Warehouse business is. Because of their size and volume of business they are able to offer the lowest prices on all their equipment and services.

Sign up with Merchant Warehouse today and you will automatically be entered in their sweepstakes to win $1,000 in free merchant fees over the next 12 months. Where else are you going to find reliable services from an established merchant account provider, for FREE??! Just use our special link below to go to the Merchant Warehouse official site and get started today!

 Merchant Warehouse – Free Merchant Fees

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