100 Best Announces Merchant Warehouse as #1 Top Pick for 2010

100best-merchant-accounts.com has recently announced their top picks for 2010 and Merchant Warehouse has been chosen as our #1 top pick!! If you are searching for a merchant account service provider we would suggest putting Merchant Warehouse in one of your top choices.

CLICK HERE to view products and services offered by Merchant Warehouse.

Unlike other providers, Merchant Warehouse does not list their lowest possible rates on their site. There are pros and cons to this strategy. Some potential customers may get frustrated at not being able to have an idea of what they may pay for their merchant services, and not bother to call the toll-free number for a quote. While others would prefer to speak to an actual person and get an accurate quote for their business. Many merchant providers that list their lowest possible fees have very few clients who actually qualify for those lead in prices and fees. With Merchant Warehouse you are given an accurate quote for you and your business based on the type of business you own, how much volume you produce, which credit cards you accept, and other information provided by you that help them evaluate your needs.

Call Merchant Warehouse for a quote today at 1-866-396-4142!

Merchant Warehouse is so confident in providing the lowest prices available on merchant accounts and credit card processing equipment they are willing to guarantee it, with $100. Should you be able to find a lower price, from a verifiable competitor, Merchant Warehouse will match that price and offer you $10 off your purchase. Naturally, some restrictions apply but they are all laid out on their website.

Merchant Warehouse offers the following products and services:

  • Retail Credit Card Processing
  • Wireless Credit Card Processing
  • MOTO Credit Card Processing
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • IP Terminals
  • Credit Card Printers
  • Wireless Credit Card Terminals
  • PIN Pads
  • Check Readers

They also offer many top quality name brand equipment and software such as:

  • Verifone
  • Hypercom
  • Nurit
  • Ingenico
  • Way Systems
  • Magtek
  • PC Charge Pro
  • and more…

For more detail on all Merchant Warehouse products and services visit their site today by CLICKING HERE!!

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