Accepting Visa Cards

With the catchy advertising slogans, “Visa, it’s everywhere you want to be,” and, “More people go with Visa,” the message is being sent that Visa is accepted by everyone. Visa debit and Visa credit cards are in the wallets of almost every American in the United States. More than 21,000 financial institutions market them, as they hold 44% of the card market share, and 48% of the debit card market share in the United States. They operate the world’s largest retail electronic payment network.

Within the United States, it is uncommon to find a business that accepts credit cards without accepting Visa. Since they make up such a large portion of the market, it just wouldn’t make much sense. Their merchant fees are generally competitive when compared to other card services in the industry. Plus, store owners seem to be generally satisfied with the day to day service they receive from Visa. Many Visa accounts use incentive programs that make the buyer prefer to shop with their Visa card over other options Overall, if your business intends to sell products online, it would be to your disadvantage to not take Visa as a form of payment.

If you are starting a new online business or wish to start accepting credit cards as payment for an existing business, you will want to talk to a merchant account and payment gateway provider about accepting Visa. Merchant account providers and payment gateways work together to authorize and transfer funds into your possession. You will pay them directly for your services through Visa. However, there are varying fees charged for these services, so this is one area where it really pays to shop around. Accepting Visa cards is an excellent payment option for providing a convenience to your shoppers, and increasing the sales of your store.

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