Google Check Out Review

Google CheckOut offers an alternative payment form for your customers that makes is easy to complete a sale. They provide security to both parties, a customizable shopping cart program, advertising benefits, and more. There are no monthly fees, and no set up fees. Plus, Google Check Out has competitive rates, provides protection against charge backs, and allows your customers to have a worry free shopping experience.

Third party payment is becoming more and more popular on the web, due to its heightened security features. However, the main advantage to using Google Check Out is that it comes with extra advertising benefits through Google AdWords. Although you do not have to advertise through AdWords to use Google CheckOut, it can help your business attract new customers and even save you money. When using AdWords, Google places a badge icon next to your link, to draw extra attention to your site. In addition, Google CheckOut waves transaction fees, if your sales total up to 10 times the amount that you spent on advertising.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to using Google Check Out. It is not as commonly used as PayPal. Many customers might not have accounts and be turned away by the effort it takes to open one. However, when offered in combination with other payment options, Google Check Out may increase the spending of current members who trust in the security of the system. Another disadvantage of Google Check Out is that it cannot be used for any type of eBay business.

All together, Google Check Out can be a valuable asset for your online store. As a trusted name in the internet service business, Google provides a quality program, with a convenient check out method that is easy to navigate. Their shopping cart program is one of high quality and overall, customers have been pleased with the services Google Check Out offers. Visit their website for more details and find out how Google Check Out can become your third party payment system.

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