Credit Card Affiliate Programs

In the affiliate program industry, credit card affiliate programs are some of the highest paying programs. You can make a lot of money in credit card affiliate programs if you are willing to do the work necessary. In this post we will talk about some key factors that will help you be successful with this type of program.

Credit card companies pay affiliates anywhere between $10 and $75 per qualified card applicants. They may also pay per lead. This can mean that you get paid some amount under $10 for each applicant regardless of whether or not they get approved for a credit card. The UK tends to have several credit card companies that offer pay per lead programs. You simply place a banner ad on your websites and get visitors to click through and fill out the application. That sounds very simple but in reality you have to put a lot of thought into this to make it work.
Here are some tips for you:
  • Upkeep – because of the nature of credit card companies and their changing promotions you have to be constantly up on the newest links, banners and ads that they put out for affiliates to help you be successful. Customers don’t want to feel like you aren’t up to date. They need to see that your site is not obsolete.
  • Shop around – because credit companies can offer their affiliate programs through different affiliate networks like and others, you need to compare the plans because these are rarely identical. You may notice that on a company may have many more options as far as links and banners but a smaller pay out. Another network may offer the same credit card company affiliation but with a higher payout and less dynamic advertising. You need to decide which options are more lucrative for you.
  • Information = Qualification – Because most low interest credit cards pay out when a lead has filled out an application and is approved you get paid. It only makes sense then to send the most qualified leads to these credit card companies so that they can go through the application process. If you give good and up to date information about the terms of the credit card then you help your visitors know what card to apply for. This information ultimately serves you!
  • Follow trends – You will notice that right now the current trend in credit cards are reward cards and that is followed by cash back cards. Since these are the ads people are seeing on television, in print ads and online then it only makes sense for you to offer these as well. It’s like they advertise on your behalf with no cost to you!
Credit card affiliate programs can serve you well if you know how to go about driving the right visitors to your site. Just remember that you can’t get rich over night. You have to keep working at things and give your site time to build up a good flow of traffic and a good place in the search engines.
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