Hypercom Machines

Hypercom is one of the most popular credit card processing machines on the market. When you go too choose a credit card processing machine you have many companies to choose from and each one offers a full line of machines to cater to your needs. While you may be okay with whatever machine you choose to go with you should be sure that it handled the needs that your business has. With Hypercom you really can’t go wrong.

Hypercom has been around for a long time. The started in 1978 and have been on the forefront of credit card processing. Hypercom is a global company offering credit card processing solutions to everyone all over the world.
Hypercom is a publicly traded company that has won many awards for their excellence. They offer a variety of credit card terminals and the prices on the machines vary. Some of the most popular payment processing products that Hypercom offers are:
  1. Otimum T4210 is a counter top machine. This handy and slim machine can connect to check readers and pin pads to help make your payment processing as easy as possible. This features an easy to read display as well as state of the art technology that is supported by most networks. Depending on where you buy this machine from you can pay anywhere from $129 to $225.
  2. Optimum M4230 is a remote terminal that comes with a removable battery that lasts for a long time. This terminal charges by two different means. You can either charge it by plugging it into another terminal or the optional charging dock. This terminal is excellent for auctions, delivery, flea markets, sporting venues, trade shows and various transportation.
  3. Optimum L4150 is a terminal that is state of the art. This is a multi-lane terminal which allows customers to swipe their card in any direction and it will work. On top of which it works as a touchless unit. This means that customers can just wave their card in from of the terminal and it will process the payment. Because of these options this is an ideal terminal for storefronts of all kinds. The accurate swiping and speed of processing allows for a line to move quickly which will please your customers.
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