FirstData Merchant Services Review

FirstData Merchant Services has been in the merchant account business since 1969. This great company has seen a lot of growth and expansion over the years and is affiliated with fantastic companies. They are a worldwide leader in the merchant services field.

FirstData has all of your payment solutions and services taken care of from start to finish. They have a full range of payment solutions for your business and they cater to your needs. If terminals for payment processing are necessary they have what it takes to get your what you need and to keep you set up with supplies. Other services offered are: mobile commerce, card issuing, ecommerce, ATM, prepaid and paperless payroll, Internet banking and loyalty programs. The offer government solutions, bill pay, cash management, fraud prevention and risk management. This is not even all of their services. FirstData knows this industry inside and out and they have specialists in each area to better fill your needs.

In this day and age it is critical to accept all forms of payment in your business. Credit cards are key for merchants because most people don’t ever write checks now and it isn’t as safe to carry cash as it is to carry your credit or debit card. With this in mind, if you have a business you really need to consider making sure you have a merchant account but you also need to make sure that your customer’s security is a high priority. With a company like FirstData this is not hard. You know that they are based on solid practices or they wouldn’t be here about 40 years after they started.

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