Google Checkout Review

Google is more than just a web portal, and advertising mogul. Now Google has come up with a solution for small and large businesses alike with Google Checkout.

Google Checkout is a great alternative to traditional merchant accounts. While third party payment systems may not always include the same features and services that traditional merchant accounts do, they can definitely keep costs down.

The few downsides of Google Checkout are that they don’t support international payment forms. You cannot spend Euros to buy things with Google Checkout for example. This can mean the loss of some customers if you don’t have another way for them to pay. Another downfall is that Google Checkout is not available with eBay. Some customers may not like the idea of having to sign up for a service just so that they can checkout. It should be noted here that overall the general population trusts the Google name and will not be too alarmed by this.

The great things about Google Checkout are that the customer is 100% protected and so are you if you accept Google Checkout payments. Consumers should love Google Checkout because they have such great fraud protection. They can also rest assured that their information will not be shown or shared with the merchant. This is the beauty of having a third party like Google Checkout handle things. You as the customer or the merchant have nothing to worry about! This is a great option for those with or without a merchant account.

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